The Brownies

Dear friends,

We are thrilled to meet you with The Brownies – our shiny-new project. It will be shown for the very first time at Cartoon Springboard. The project was created solely by young artists, bursting with energy and passionate about animation.There is only one week left and we are making last preparations before the event. Cartoon Springboard will take place between the 15th and 17th of November in Haale, Germany. The event is especially dedicated to young, rising talents in the field of animation.

Dragon Troubles

Spass is ready to fly off to the animation film festivals! We have finalized our work on Dragon Troubles and it is officially out of the oven!

Mifa 2016

The strong alpine wind and the constant rain could not hinder the festival organizers’ warm welcome for our team. The Annecy streets were crowded, but not all interest was focused on football. The animation industry had established its capital at Annecy for this one week and our team was fortunate to be in the whirlpool of flash, key frame and stop motion.We were amazed and full of gratitude for the experience and the know-how that was shared during all the meetings and conferences. We had so much fun at the screenings and we appreciated all the talent we saw.