Our current projects!

The Girls from Willow Street

Animated Short in Development
A fun-filled, action-packed educational adventure story that follows the adventures and struggles of three young girls on the path to adulthood. It depicts their everyday “battles”, large and small, and how they deal with them using their imagination and what they have learnt from one of their favourite childhood games.The short deals with the girls’ first year of middle school and how they cope with that change and the challenges of growing up. In order to deal with everyday life, they use a world of their combined imagination, where Lola is a mighty warrior, Maddie is a powerful mage and Honey is a skillful hunter.

The Brownies

Cross media project
The Brownies is a story about 3 magical creatures. Bassimo, Basil and Rosemary have been sleeping for many, many years at the attic of an old house. The magical inhabitants wake up when a young family moves in. The tiny creatures are not familiar with the present-day way of living so the adventures begin. The technical achievement is something amazing and not always understandable for the curious magical creatures. Invisible to grown-ups, crawling in the house, they become little household troublemakers.

Dragon Troubles

Animation TV series in Development
Dragon Troubles presents the adventures of an odd dragon family in the conservative city of Dragonville. The main idea of the project is to show, with lots of humour and no drama, how hard it is to stay good and polite, despite the fact that you are different, even gifted, but not accepted by the society…The story depicts the smart and amusing endeavours of Ben’s family to fit in the society, to become accepted and, at the same time, to maintain their kind nature.

Grizzlebetter Raaf

Feature Animation Film Project in Development
The trock Grizzlebetter Raaf loves the the Green World – the world of all living beings. But he is Crown Prince of Volcania whose inhabitants are hostile to it. The Shaman Toramat dreams of a time when the world belonged to trocks. Toramat awakens the Volcano in the name of the ancestor Eah. Grizzlebetter must save his plants and animal friends while Queen Grimalda is trying to restore peace, but this is quite hard on the eve of the chaotic Rockthrowing Tournament.

A Sail for Grandpa

Animated Short in Development
In The Kingdom grandpa Tim and the boys Di, Kayo and Ronni live on the rivers shore beneath the gates of Medina island. Across from their homes lies the border with Baladain- the land of the Vedas, situated in the huge tree Darssila.Grandpa Tim falls ill and Di, Kayo and Ronni embark on an expedition in search of the Veda’s healing elixir. The problem is that the elixir is made by the Vedas who do not share their knowledge with the Men from The Kingdom according to rumors. Grandpa’s time draws near and there is no time to lose.In the fantastic adventure inside the gigantic tree of Darssila the boys meet Zmocky the slug, the little Ayva and Tim’s wife – the Veda Mia. The children find that love is the Sail that brings Grandpa back to life.

A Week with Mr. Brown

Animated Short - Completed
Mr. Brown is a teddy bear and The Baby’s favorite toy. The short tells about the friendship between Mr. Brown and the little Baby and depicts how they spend the week together- a time full of games, fun, and joy. It is all through the teddy bear’s eyes and shows what troubles and aches follow for the toy. Mr. Brown often dreams of a break but cannot have a moment’s rest from Monday till Friday. Only on the Weekend has Mr. Brown his Baby-free days. Is he really happy then, though?

In The No Men’s Land

Fiction Film Project in Concept
The journalists Klara and Peter, the antiques smuggler Christo the Dynamite and the farmer Yane are trapped in a mud avalanche in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. This year St. Dimitar’s day – a Christian fest – coincides with Kurban Bayram –a Muslim one. Then the No Man’s Land opens – a place where the souls of the supernatural creatures go when they cannot return to the God to whom they belong to along with the souls of lost people.Covered with mud, between life and death, Karla, Peter and Yane are trapped in the No Man’s Land searching how to come back to the Human World. However, to succeed each of them has to find and realize what is most important to themselves.