Zographic is the publisher of a new fantasy book for children - the Sylphs, by Rose Merrin. The book is available in English and Bulgarian. You can read more about it in the synopsis bellow.


This children's book is not like the familiar titles you have come across so far. If you are looking for an interesting and inspiring story, this is it!A fairy tale in which you will become acquainted with the world of Sylphs and Gnomes. You will find out who Goodwill is and how easy it is for him to get into trouble, but also how important it is to take care of nature and other living beings. You will meet Chris - the boy who loves books and knows how precious they are. And who finally saves the Earth!Let's not forget Mindspirit, Treebark, and Hardbark. A magical adventure, which leaves you breathless.In the sequel to the Sylphs a blind boy will realize how strong he is, thanks to his new friends. Sylphs, Gnomes, Salamanders, and Undines will be summoned once again in an exciting odyssey, and Goodwill will unleash his new capabilities with the help of Callisto and Erin.