Our current projects

The Girls from Willow Street

Animated Short in Development
A fun-filled, action-packed educational story that follows the adventures of three young girls on their path to adulthood. The short is about the girls’ first year of middle school and how the change affects them. We witness their everyday struggles, large and small, which they deal with using their creativity and what they learnt from a favorite childhood game. In their combined imagination, Lola is a mighty warrior, Maddie is a powerful mage and Honey—a skillful hunter.

The Brownies

Cross media project
The Brownies tells the story of three magical creatures—Bassimo, Basil and Rosemary. They have been sleeping for many, many years in the attic of an old house, but wake up when a young family moves in. The Brownies aren’t familiar with our present-day way of life and so the adventures begin. They find technological achievements incomprehensible and are very curious about everything they see. Invisible to grown-ups, crawling in the house, they become little household troublemakers.

Dragon Troubles

Animation TV series in Development
Dragon Troubles is about the adventures of an odd dragon family living in the conservative city of Dragonville. The series’ main goal is to show how anyone who is different, or has an unusual gift, finds it difficult to blend in. It’s essentially the story of Ben’s family’s funny attempts to be accepted by their community while also remaining true to who they really are.

Grizzlebetter Raaf

Feature Animation Film Project in Development
The trock Grizzlebetter Raaf loves the Green World—the world of all living beings, but he is the prince of Volcania whose inhabitants are its enemies. The Shaman Toramat dreams of the time when the entire world belonged to trocks and awakens the Volcano in the name of the ancestor Eah. Grizzlebetter must save his plant and animal friends while Queen Grimalda is trying to restore peace, but this might turn out to be hard on the eve of the chaotic Rockthrowing Tournament.

A Sail for Grandpa

Animated Short in Development
Grandpa Tim, Di, Kayo and Ronni live on a river bank within the gates of the Medina island. Their home is also on the border with Baladain, the land of the Vedas, located in the giant tree Darssila. When grandpa Tim falls ill, Di, Kayo and Ronni embark on an expedition to find the Vedas’ famous healing potion. Rumor has it, however, that the Vedas don’t share their knowledge with mortal men, but grandpa Tim is running out of time and the boys need to be fast. Inside the gigantic tree of Darssila, the boys meet Zmocky the slug, the little Ayva and grandpa Tim’s wife – the Veda Mia. In there, they find out that love is the Sail, which will bring grandpa Tim back to life.

A Week with Mr. Brown

Animated Short - Completed
Mr. Brown is a teddy bear and The Baby’s favorite toy. The short is about the friendship between the two illustrated by a week they spend together: a time full of games, fun, and joy. We see everything through the teddy bear’s eyes and we learn that even though he’s a toy, he does have feelings. Mr. Brown often longs for a break, but he can’t have one Monday through Friday. The weekend is his only free time when he’s supposed to be happy. Then why isn’t he?